What are the Reasons to Schedule a 3D Mammogram?

Experts across the globe agree that women need annual breast exams once they reach age 40. The regular screenings can help detect and rule out breast cancer much faster than signs appear and protect women better.

A New Choice in Breast Cancer Screening

It is nice to have choices where your health is concerned especially. You can schedule an appointment for a traditional mammogram but many women these days prefer the 3D mammogram. You may be among those people. This imagery shows the doctor a better picture of the breast and has additional advantages over the traditional exam.

Who Should Use the 3D Mammogram?

The 3D mammogram is a good choice for both people with and without symptoms of breast cancer. It can also be used to help detect the cause of breast problems. Although the 3D mammogram is not available at all facilities, it is available at many.

A Few Benefits of the 3D Mammogram

Choosing to schedule an appointment to arrange a thorough 3d mammogram in Morristown has many advantages, which include:

·    Women 40-up need breast cancer screening to rule out any problems

·    The 3D mammogram shows a better image of breast abnormalities

·    Reduced need for follow up imagine due to better views of the breast and breast tissue

·    The 3D mammogram can detect a few additional cancers compared to the standard mammogram

Get More Information About 3D Mammogram From the Doctor

3d mammogram in Morristown

Talk to your doctor to learn more about 3D imagery and if it is best for your needs. If you prefer a traditional mammogram, that is perfectly fine, too. What is important is that you schedule those appointments with the doctor and keep yourself safe, healthy, and happy for as long as possible.